Are My Brows a Lost Cause?

Let’s just call her Mary. She came to me with barely any brows left – they were patchy and full of holes. I see this all the time. People go to a bunch of different waxers with different waxing styles. Sometimes all it takes is just one time of someone butchering your brows to leave them never looking the same again. (This is why I’m so particular about every little hair that comes out). Side note: wanting your brows overly shaped can come back to bite you in the butt when styles change or when they naturally start to thin out as you age. In most cases, however, there are things that can be done to fix them!

When someone comes in to see me with troubled brows I like to hear what’s bothering the person. Are they too skinny? Are they uneven? In Mary’s case, she felt like years of overwaxing left her brows looking scraggly and honestly, a little bit crazy. I always assess my clients’ brows and tell them if and where they have holes and what I think we should do to help their brows look better and hopefully grow them in the way we think they should be. You have to know where to take the hair out and where to leave it in.

Slow and steady wins the race

Sometimes this process takes months and for some, it can take years. The key here is patience as everybody’s hair grows back differently, and it may take some time. For those of you thinking to yourself “I don’t have the patience to grow my brows in. I can’t stand to look at them in the process,” a brow pencil will be your best friend. I usually like to show my clients where to fill them in to help the sparse areas not look so obvious. This is a really simple and quick way to help with the growing pains of growing your brows in. 🙂

The good news is there is hope for your brows! And now they have products that can help grow your brow hair – even all natural ones!

So, what are my options?

Here are a few things you can do to help your brows. Tint them. This will help them look thicker. Wax them. Believe it or not, if your waxer is doing it right your brows can actually looker thicker after they’re waxed properly. Try a brow serum. These are formulated to help grow in sparse areas in the brow. After doing some research I have found an all natural plant-based brow serum that I now carry in spa. As for Mary, growing her brows in took some time, but it was well worth it. I honestly cannot believe how amazing her brows look today compared to the first time she came to see me!

Lastly, don’t worry if you don’t have super thick brows like most people these days. I don’t either. Work with what you have and know you’re beautiful.