On a budget? Some inexpensive ways to keep your face looking fresh!

Not everyone can afford to go to the spa for facials every month. And even for those who can and it’s the “one thing” you do for yourself, sometimes unexpected things come up and some months are tighter than others. If you don’t have the extra cash to get your facials regularly here are a few tips for keeping your face looking more youthful, brighter, and fresh.

Shape up

Getting your brows done do soooo much for your face! It can be an instant eye lift. Especially for people who have hair that grows low on their lid, keeping that hair there drags the eye down. I hear all the time how much better people feel simply after I wax their brows. It just really makes the face look clean and makes you feel better about yourself!

Brighten up

Tinting your brows is another inexpensive way to make your face look brighter. Like I talked about a few months back, tinting can help your brows look fuller and save you time filling them in. It is also great for those who have lighter or gray hair in their brows. With fall being here makeup usually gets darker and a strong brow really does a lot for a pale face in the fall and winter months.

Clean up

Lastly, the lip. Many people neglect their lip because they don’t want to bother waxing it or because it hurts. However, waxing your lip can do a lot for your face if the hair is dark or you have a lot of it. If you’ve noticed, it usually makes your makeup cake up there too. Long hairs or having a lot of hair on your lip can age you.

There are always simple things people on a budget can do to make themselves look and feel better!