Why is everyone talking about dermaplanes?

What is dermaplaning and why has it become this big thing that all your friends are doing?

I get asked about dermaplaning a lot now and to those of you who are thinking  about it, but are skeptical and have questions, hopefully this will help. Dermaplaning gently removes the fine facial hair and dead skin on your face. Removing all of that instantly makes your skin soooo much smoother and brighter. (Most of my clients freak out about how their skin looks after finally trying it. It is unreal what comes off!) Does it hurt? Do I have to keep doing it? Will it make my hair grow in darker or like a beard?? No to all of that! It actually feels good to most people. Aside from making your skin instantly smoother, helping your makeup go on and look better, allowing your products to penetrate better, it helps with fine lines, acne scars, and dark spots. It takes only about 20 minutes and there is no downtime with this procedure! You can get dermaplaned and afterward meet your friend for lunch! There are usually no adverse reactions at all. Although it is great to get every month, most people are on a schedule of getting it done every 1-3 months. Getting a dermaplane before a facial can leave you with better and longer lasting results.