Facials: Why we love them

We all love facials. What’s not to love? Someone rubbing your skin. The delicious smells. The soothing music and ambiance. Relaxing you to the point of sleep. It’s enough to want one for just the psychological benefits. What you may not know is besides making you look and feel amazing, relaxing your mind and body, facials provide a lot of benefits for your skin. 

Facials stimulate the blood flow to aid the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the skin and help the removal of waste products. They maintain the tone of the underlying muscle helping to prevent lines from forming. They help with the skin’s natural elasticity. Helping dull and congested skin, they refine the texture making it look healthy and glowing. Facials can give your skin a more youthful appearance contributing to cellular regeneration, which helps the skin not to look aged before its time. By helping you to relax, it counters what stress can do to your skin- muscles become tense causing circulation to slow down forming lines. It prevents the formation of blemishes. They also help with the normal function of oil and fluid balance, keeping the skin supple and smoothing lines. 

So the next time you want to treat yourself to a facial or have to explain to your husband that Milk & Honey charge on your card? remember you are actually doing a lot of good for your whole well being.

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