We’ve Rebranded to Bloom & Branch… Here’s Why

What’s in a name?

… Actually a lot. When Lisa and I first settled on the name “Milk & Honey Facial and Wax Parlor”, it was because we believed in the amazing journey that God had laid out before us, and the promises that awaited us. It’s no secret that starting a business and putting yourself out there is a major leap of faith, and the absolute rollercoaster of a ride this has been so far has tested that for sure.

One of those “gut punch” moments…

It wasn’t long after our grand opening in our new expanded space in February of 2020, that we received a letter in the mail. It was stamped certified mail and looked very official. It turned out to be a cease and desist from a large company from out-of-state threatening legal action over the use of the name “Milk & Honey”. After consulting with some amazing attorneys here in Nashville, we decided that it was simply not in our best interest to keep using that name. Even if we won our case, we would exhaust our resources, and we were already dealing with the COVID shutdown by this point.


A Blessing in disguise

After getting over the initial shock, Lisa and I sat down and discussed how best to move forward. We decided to find a new brand name that better conveyed who we are now and where we have come from. We brainstormed many names (some of which are pretty hilarious) and finally, there it was… Bloom & Branch.

What does Bloom & Branch mean to us?

We have always believed that the finest and most healing skincare comes from natural and organic ingredients. Healing and life spring forth from the earth naturally, so the image of a bloom and branch reflect that. Also, Lisa and I have always strived to put our faith at the center of our business. The words “bloom” and “branch” bring to mind one of Lisa’s favorite verses.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing…

John 15:4

I can’t think of a clearer reminder that we don’t have to shoulder all the weight of trying to succeed in everything on our own power.

The other funny thing about branches…

Any one of you that has a green thumb (definitely not me) knows that in order to bloom and bear as much fruit as possible, branches should be pruned from time to time.

Boy, do we feel that.

Bloom & Branch helps us remember that in order to experience new growth, we have to remove the old parts of ourselves. This applies not only to our emotional and spiritual growth but also our physical growth as well – even in skincare. Healing and restoration of the skin often will mean the removal of dead superficial layers that are no longer serving their purpose. This serves to expose the new and radiant skin underneath.

Looking forward

There are so many emotions that Lisa and I have discussed with each other as we look forward to the future of our business in our community.

We feel optimistic about this opportunity to reestablish and revitalize our commitment to serving our clients and providing a place of restoration and healing.

We feel grateful for all of you that have been alongside us during this journey and helped to make it possible.

We feel humbled that in every challenge or “pruning” that we have experienced, there is growth and the hope of the brighter horizons ahead.

Thanks for reading, and I hope we get to see you soon!