Three simple skin care tips everyone should be following

Anyone that knows me knows that while I am a perfectionist when it comes to what I do, I love to keep skin care simple. I get asked by clients frequently what they should be doing for their skin. I ❤️❤️❤️ masks, toners, serums, and eye creams, but for those of you who will only stick to the basics, this is what you should be doing. While some of this varies from person to person, there are simple steps that everyone should be doing to their skin.

1- cleansing

Everyone should cleanse their skin AT LEAST once a day. I am a firm believer that you should always cleanse your skin at night. Every night. If you only cleanse your skin once a day do it at night. Cleansing at night helps to remove the day. The makeup, the sweat, the sunscreen, the pollution. All of the grossness from your day. Those with acne and problematic skin should cleanse twice a day. We (myself included) need to get the oil and bacteria off twice a day because we produce more of it.

2- exfoliating

Exfoliation does wonders for the skin. Everyone should be exfoliating once a week at least. Again, everyone’s skin is different and requires different forms of exfoliation (scrubs, acids, etc.) and frequency of use, but everyone should be doing it. If you have oily and problematic skin you will require more exfoliation, but there is a balance. Too much can cause you to break out more. Most of you have heard me say this many times, but you should always be gentle with this. Never scrub or be too aggressive with your skin.

3- hydrating

Most everyone these days know they should hydrate their skin. Some people prefer to use moisturizer at night and some in the morning. While there are arguments on both sides for when you should do this, I think as long as you are putting moisture back into your skin it is a good thing. If you like to use it with serums make sure to let the serum soak in first for a couple of minutes before you apply the moisturizer. Some people like to get a moisturizer and sunscreen in one, but once summertime hits you need to be applying more sunscreen than that. Make sure your makeup has sunscreen in it and/or you apply a separate sunscreen to your face as well.

Beyond the basics

If you are willing to go beyond those few steps here are a few items that you could add to your routine that would benefit your skin. Eye creams are a great addition to keep that delicate skin around your eyes hydrated. Eye creams can also help with a number of things from puffiness to fine lines or dark circles. Toners are great for getting any excess makeup off, balancing out the skin’s ph, and helping with things like pore size or dryness. Masks are another great addition. Masks can do a number of great things for the skin in 10-20 minutes! So easy to throw on once or twice a week while doing other things like laundry.

Taking care of your skin does not have to be hard or super time-consuming! Making sure you are even doing the little things each day can result in younger, healthier-looking skin and will also make you feel better about yourself.