Why I got into skincare

For this month, I decided to take a more personal approach to my blog. Some of you might already know this, but for those who don’t, here’s a little bit of my story…

As a teenager, I struggled with acne. I had breakouts for years and some of those breakouts led to scarring and small “pits” on my cheeks. Years of breakouts took a toll on my self-esteem and were very difficult to deal with. I managed my acne with over the counter products like Clearasil and proactive until my early 20’s when I finally saw a dermatologist in Florida. My skin was still breaking out so I decided to see not one, but 3 more dermatologists in Tennessee over the years. They put me on a number of pills (yuck) until the only thing left to try was Accutane. I did not want to go on this harsh medicine. A friend that worked as a receptionist at a dermatology office referred me to a doctor who put me on something that worked for me. It was very harsh but worked for my particular skin.

Through his recommendation, I started seeing his medical aesthetician to work on getting rid of my pits and scarring through a series of expensive and intense peels. I started feeling a lot better about my skin, so I started asking her questions and getting interested in helping others with their skin problems. At this point in my mid 20’s, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I prayed about it and continued to get interested in this line of work. When I first set out in aesthetics school I thought I would be a medical aesthetician, but my interest slowly shifted when I came to fall in love with helping people relax and feel good.

On a side note, this story is hilarious and kind of miraculous to me so I love to share it… In school, during the first brow wax I ever did, the woman got very upset and complained to my teacher that I ripped half of her brow off. Funny (not funny). This really upset me and it would be years until I made myself attempt to wax another brow. This is part of what has made me such a particular brow person. 🙂

My aesthetics journey has had many twists and turns. In the beginning, I would sometimes go home and cry while trying to build my clientele. I almost quit the profession altogether at one point, and years later I actually became too booked. Now I’ve embarked on a scary, but exciting journey quitting my job of 8 years and opening my own place. I feel so blessed to get to do this and be in my client’s lives. I have gotten to meet so many of your newborns and husbands. Some of your family members and fiancés. We’ve been through hard life events together. I’ve also had a ton of laughs with you. One of you had me laughing so hard that my gum fell out in your hair. (It didn’t stick, guys) I’m so thankful that God helped me through the uncertain times and led me here.